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R.E.A.D. With Carylee

Reimagine. Educate. Advocate. Dream.

Our children are going through a lot of change with learning; why not make it fun? Join mother, author and children's advocate, Carylee Carrington, through her YouTube Channel and her unique literary experiences, and let kids love reading again.


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Pretty Hair

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Sophia is excited for her first day at her new school. She has a new dress, new shoes, and a new hairdo. Her mom has combed Sophia’s hair into cornrows with blue and white beads to match her dress. She loves hearing the beads in her hair hit together, like tiny wind chimes. When she arrives at school, Sophia discovers her hair is different from the other girls’ hair. The children are curious about Sophia’s cornrows, and one even seems to tease her. Sophia is sad; she begs her mom to style her just like her friends.

This picture book helps young girls understand there are an amazing variety of styles and textures of hair and no one type is the definition of “pretty”. Children learn to embrace their differences as well as the differences of others.

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