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Carylee speaks to elementary school students about the importance of kindness and what it takes to be a successful author. Bring The Read With Carylee Show experience to your school, with an interactive presentation that will inspire children as she passion for being an author, how she publishes her books and how to transform an idea into a book. Your students will know every step in the writing process and be absolutely pumped to become author too.

School Visits

Carylee is an inspiring, interactive, self-published author and YouTube literary show host that loves to visit elementary schools.Carylee  will present an engaging an inspiring presentation for your students. Instilling in them the love of reading, the arts and creativity. To schedule a visit, fill out the form below.

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Carylee Carrington has been an awesome author/friend for my students. My name is Marcia Moore. I am a 2nd grade teacher in Marietta, GA. I have read her books to my students since the first one was published. My students have always found that her books spoke directly to my kids and dealt with the issues that they were going through on their level. My students were always entertained by the stories that Ms. Carrington wrote. Ms. Carrington has also been instrumental in bridging the gap between authors and students. She has been available to doing video chats with my second graders. She is an invaluable resource for the students as they are learning to be young authors themselves. “

Marcia M. Labelle Elementary School 

Everyone, Just Like Me is about a boy named Joshua who must wear glasses. Joshua needs glasses and will be the only kid in his class that wears glasses.  He is sad feels and is worried about being different than the other kids. Joshua is worried others will laugh at him.  So, Joshua makes a wish that everyone be just like him. The next day Joshua realizes that everyone is just like him and is makes the day crazy and things don’t go how Joshua was expecting.  He quickly realizes that he does not want everyone to be just like him. My first-grade class loves this book.  It is easy to understand and young children to easily relate too. I give the book 5 stars since I think it’s important for children to understand it is ok to be different.

Jennifer F.- 1st Grade Teacher Virginia


In her new show, The Read With Carylee Show, she introduces children to children’s book authors, who share their books in their own voice. Carylee hopes to continue to bring inspirational books to children, which will motivate them to embrace differences and create a kinder future. Click the button to see when our next showing is.

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